11 Best Special Needs Educational Toys

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11 Best Special Needs Educational Toys

11 Best Special Needs Educational Toys

14.9% of all pupils in England have special educational needs in January 2019. The number of pupils with special educational needs (SEN) has increased for a third consecutive year to 1,318,300 in January 2019. The most common types of special needs in 2019 are Speech, Language and Communication needs (23%) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (29%).
With such high number of pupils being categorised as SEN there needs to be more toys manufactured to cater for the special needs kids. However based on what is currently available we have come up with a list of top 10 best-selling Special Needs Educational Toys for early development based on sales on Amazon.

#1 uBook 17 Pack Fidget Toys Sensory Toys For Kids Autism Stress Relief Toys Fiddle Toys for Kids and Adluts, Party Bag Fillers. £12.99
Manufacturer recommended age: All ages

Special Needs Educational Toys no. 1

• Fidget Toy Bundle Variety — This complete sensory toy pack includes 2 dinosaur mesh balls, 2 magic cubes (random color), 2 flip chains, 3 stretchy strings, 1 turtle, 2 green beans, 5 marble and mesh.
• ANTI-ANXIETY for Kids — Sensory toys works well in focusing attention, reducing stress and anxiety. Great design for anxiety, focusing, ADHD, ADD, autism, quitting bad habits, etc.






#2 OKSANO Sensory Toys Sets, Fidget Toys for Kids and Adults Autism Fiddle Toys for ADHD, Squeeze Mesh Balls, Flippy Chain, Stretchy Strings, Soybean Stress Toys, Tangle Toys, Stress Relief Strap. £13.98
Manufacturer recommended age: 3+ years

Special Needs Educational Toy no. 2

• Stress Relief & Anti-anxiety — using sensory toys and fidget toys for men and women to promote focus and concentration, decrease stress, increase tactile awareness of fingers/hands (through proprioceptive input), and as a way to keep fidgeting fingers busy!
• Reassuring Material — fidget toys for anxiety are made of natural silicone, food-grade stainless steel, safety plastic and provide non-toxic and safe use experience.
• Health Emotional Exercising — invisible stress is common and formed in our daily life, so self- regulation is a key to keep a health emotional. Sensory toys for children or adults provides an awesome way to strengthen hands wrist, forearm muscles and relief your stress, you just squeeze them with your hands to keep rehabilitation, exercising and physical therapy
• Good For Classroom & Office — It is suitable for focusing concentration in classroom and good for worker to relieve their stress and keep in minds to work. Even sensory toys for autism these fidget sensory toys are what they need for relaxing therapy! It’s ideal for kids with ADD or ADHD.

#3 Sensory LED Kootchy light up drawing/writing, toy, special needs, autism, ASD,CVI. £39.99
Manufacturer recommended age: 3 months +

Special Needs Educational Toy no. 3








#4 OleOletOy Sensory Stretch Tubes. Colourful Party Favour Fidget Toys with Funny Pop Sounds. Creative Educational Pipe Toy for 3 -5 year old. £8.99
Manufacturer recommended age: 3 –5 years

Special Needs Educational Toy no.4

• Funny Stress Relief Toys – These durable flexible tubes can be stretched and twisted to any shape with interesting pop sound. Kids will love to hear this amazing anti-anxiety sound. It can help develop their imagination & eye-hand coordination skills.
• Innovative Sensory Toys – Made from BPA-free quality plastic with comfortable texture, these pop tubes are great for kids ages 3 years & up
• Universal Educational Toy – These colourful pipes are great tool for kids learning alphabet, counting, colour sorting, building, connecting and physical science.
• Fidget Toys for Kids & Adults – These pop tubes are a great help for daily relaxing and stress relief. Helps massage your eardrum and inspire happiness and joy.



#5 Playlearn Sensory Tactile Light Up Balls Kit 2 for Sensory Play. £15.88
Recommended age: 1, 2 & 3 Years Old Boys & Girls



Special Needs Educational Toy no. 5

• 7 PIECE BALL KIT – Sensory Flashing Ball Kit of 7 different balls
• SENSORY & TACTILE – These balls provide loads of Sensory & Tactile Stimulation
• VISUAL EFFECT – All of these balls light up and provide tons of visual stimulation
• COLOURFUL – All of these balls are very colourful and appealing to the eye.



#6 Sensory Bath Waterproof Special Needs Autism Colourful Underwater Disco Light Show. £8.99
Recommended age: 3+ years

Special Needs Educational Toy no. 6

• 4 different coloured lights
• 5 different light shows
• Waterproof
• A disco ball that floats





#7 JOYFULBID Drawing Board for Toddlers, LED light up drawing/writing board toy for special need, autism, ADHD. £21.99

Special Needs Educational Toy no. 7

The Board can work at night and during the day. 7 colour lights, 28 modes, changing colour solid, Best Educational Toy to Encourage Creativity & Imagination, Kids can draw on the etch sketch as what they want to draw. Doodle freely can develop kids’ artistic accomplishment, hands-on ability, exploring creativity and imagination.






#8 Happy Learners Traffic Light – WARNING CARDS & CHART non verbal communication SEN AUTISM ADHD behaviour. £7.99
Recommended age: 24 months to 18 years

Special Needs Educational Toy no.8

• A5 Behaviour Warning Chart with removable warning faces
• Set of 12 x Emotions Flash Cards (Credit card size & Fully Encapsulated)
• Behaviour Faces Strip (Ideal for days trips or to give to school)
• Handy A5 wallet to store the complete set in.





#9 TickiT 54517 SiliShapes Sensory Circle Set £35.92
Recommended age: 3+ years

Special Needs Educational Toy no. 9

This set comprises of 10 textured circular disks made from ultra-soft flexible silicone – 5 Large and 5 small. On the surface of each circle is a pattern which is distinctive and different from the rest of the set. Children can Feel these textures and discover their differences: by placing the small circles into the feely bag provided, they can see if they can describe or predict the pattern they are feeling; or by using their feet they can walk over the large sensory circles to see if they can tell them apart. Linking the small and the large sensory circles via touch is great fun too, with or without a blindfold.

Silicone has some great properties it’s ideal material for sensory circles – it is strong, safe to handle and ultra-soft to the touch. On the floor, the circles will grip and not slip even on a shiny surface and after use they can be washed by hand,  popped into a dishwasher set on a high temperature to clean them thoroughly without harm.

#10 Happy Learners Feelings and Emotions Flash Cards Boys. £4.99
Recommended age: 3 years +

Special Needs Educational Toy no. 10

An ideal communication aid for children and young adults who are non-verbal and cannot easily communicate their feelings and emotions. This twelve pack of flash cards features 12 of the most common emotions and feelings. Each card measures 8.6cm x 5.4cm and is printed on quality glossy card and fully encapsulated with laminate so they can’t peel or easily wear. Also sold as a girl (Female) set or twin back of both genders.





#11 Kinetic Spiral Spring Arm 3D Ring Swirls and Flow on any Object – Helps Kids Childrens and Adults with ADHD Fidget, Suitable For Boys & Girls. £5.42
Manufacturer recommended age: 36 months – 6 years

Special Needs Educational Toy no. 11


• ALTERNATIVE TO FIDGET TOYS WILL HELP FOR AUTISM, ADHD, ADD is perfect for adults, children, kids and others to help with autism, adhd, add and more. The spinner flow ring kinetic toy, is an alternative to fidget toys for sensory kids, as a great toy for fidgeters reduce anxiety, helps in focusing and stay more focused by enhancing our focus, aid in ADHD, ADD, Autism, and helps in quitting bad habits and more
• FUN & EASY – Flow Movement Activity – Dance Solo or Pass it around. Magical Illusion. Climbs down ropes & sticks! Cosmic spheres like a tornado gyroscope. Outdoor / Indoor.




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