6 best baby safety equipment parents should own

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6 best baby safety equipment parents should own

6 best baby safety equipment parents should own

baby safety products & equipment

Baby safety equipment

Keeping the baby safe is of utmost priority for parents. A lot of thought and preparation goes into making your house child proof for optimal safety. Here is a list of our 6 best safety products and equipment parents should own. There are many other things you may want to consider for general safety at home for the whole family such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarm but for the purpose of this article we will only focus on the baby and toddler safety equipment.


Baby Monitor

It will give you the reassurance that your baby is safe and well. You can take comfort being able to hear or see your baby resting peacefully by themselves or be them when they need you.


Bed Rails

Having a bed rail prevents toddlers from accidentally falling out of bed. It helps a child become independent sleeper in their own bed.


Gate & Gate Extension

These include door & stair gates, fire guards and gate extensions. Installing a safety gate & extension is essential in a house with stairs or areas where it is unsafe for a child to go. This will prevent accidents and will provide optimal safety for your child.


Guards & Locks

There are many different guards & locks you can use to child proof your house, such as cabinet locks, door & window guards, edge & corner guards, plant & flower protection, plug socket covers, security sets, stove guards and toilet locks. These safety products are a great way to protect your baby from getting hurt or accessing dangerous items in the home.



This helps your baby have a pleasant and quiet sleep. The mist from the humidifier helps prevent dry eye, scratchy nose and throat, and reduce static electricity in winter months and generally helps with getting a good night sleep.


Safety Harnesses

They are great to keep your toddlers running away from you and to keep them safe.



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