Nanny Job interview tips – things you must do during interview

//Nanny Job interview tips – things you must do during interview

Nanny Job interview tips – things you must do during interview


Getting to the interview stage for a prospective job is an achievement on its’ own in the highly competitive Nanny Job market. But once you have reached the interview stage you should do everything that will increase your chances of getting hired. So prepare, prepare and prepare!

Remember you have already captured the attention of the parents from your CV with your skills and experience. The interview is to asses you on your interpersonal and behavioural skills to enable the parents to decide whether you are a good fit for the family.

Here are our top interview tips to ace your interview for before, during and after interview. Remember this is your time to shine!


Interview preparation

  • Confirm details. Make sure you have all the obvious details confirmed for the interview, the full address, contact number if any issues arises, age of the child.
  • Research the area of the job location for suitable activities for the age group of the child, this will show you are being proactive.
  • Plan your journey carefully leaving enough time as contingency for unforeseen delays.


During the interview

  • Arrive on time. First impressions are important and you don’t want to look unreliable by being late. If you are running late then you must inform the family.
  • Don’t arrive too early. Being early to an interview can inconvenience the family so stick to the allocated time.
  • Put your phone on silent and don’t check it. This is an obvious rule for any interview. Nothing can be more distracting then a phone ringing or you checking your phone during the interview. It shows great disrespect and lack of motivation on the job.
  • Smile and greet the parents and the child cheerfully with a friendly smile. When you smile it shows the parent that you are a positive and happy person to be around – which is an important part of being a nanny.
  • Show interest in the child. You must show interest in the child by trying to engage with them or have a quick play with them when it seems appropriate during the interview. It shows your genuine interest in being a nanny to the child rather than just another job.


  • Give a print out of your CV and written references. This can help the parents ask you more specific questions based on your past experiences. It also shows you are organised and trustworthy by having all the details with you, giving little reason for them not to choose you.
  • Never talk negatively about your past families. This will give a negative impression of you as a person. Always stick to the positives of your past experiences.


  • Dress appropriately. It is recommended to dress up in a smart casual clothes without being too fashionable or having too much make up on, as the parents may think you will not be ready to get your hands dirty.
  • Speak clearly and answer the questions asked. Don’t ramble on when asked a question, answer the question you are being asked with an example from your past experience if possible. Make sure you are speaking clearly as it shows good communication skills. Something all parents would want in a nanny.
  • Don’t yawn. You don’t want to look bored or disinterested in the job. No parent would want a nanny who is not interested or lacks motivation in looking after their dear child.
  • Don’t be too familiar. It is good to be friendly to show openness and build a rapport but overfriendliness can work in the opposite way and come across as disrespectful and overpowering. 


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