Maternity Nurse vs Maternity Nanny

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Maternity Nurse vs Maternity Nanny






What is a Maternity Nurse?

A maternity nurse is often qualified paediatric nurse and is experienced in postnatal mother care, who comes to your home usually as a live-in, to help you in all aspects of taking care of mother and the newborn baby. They are especially helpful during the first 3 months as they will be able to assist and guide on common issues arising with newborn baby care.

This help parents take the much needed rest to catch up on your sleep in the first few months and time to recover from the birth of the baby.

Their duties cover all care relating to the mother and the baby. She will be responsible for helping mum feed the baby, help with sleep routine and structure, washing baby items and keeping the nursery neat and tidy. They may need to perform additional tasks depending on the parent’s requirements and what is agreed as part of their contract.


What is a Maternity Nanny?

A maternity nanny is less qualified and often have less experience in newborn and postnatal care than a maternity nurse. Although they may perform the same role as the maternity nurse and the two are terms are used interchangeably.

Parents may choose to hire a maternity nanny due to their experience with not just the newborns but with the older children as well, this means they can take care of the older siblings as well.

Maternity nannies may be a live-in or live-out and usually cover the period after the first three months.

In terms of qualifications they should have current paediatric first aid certificate and may also have completed MNT course, or other childcare courses.

They are generally paid less than the maternity nurse due to their qualification and experience.


At Eaton Class we have many registered maternity nurses and maternity nannies with experience in postnatal care in looking after newborn babies and mothers. If you need more details or to find a maternity nurse or maternity nanny, send us an email on or call us on +44 203126 6736.

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