Top 6 reasons that could make your Nanny leave

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Top 6 reasons that could make your Nanny leave









Nannies leave their job for many reasons. They may quit due to reasons that are outside the employers’ control, such as nanny relocating to another place.

However the majority of reasons why nannies quit their job are under the control of the employer. Here are the top reasons that could make your Nanny leave:

  1. Unfair rate – Your nanny is unlikely to be happy in their role if their pay rate is below the market rate for; their skills/experience, the number of children they care for, the location where they work (as it varies across different locations) and the expected hours.
  2. Unrealistic expectations – unless you have agreed as part of their job contract, you should Not expect nanny to do household chores in addition to their general nanny duties. They should not be expected to clean your house, clean after pets, do adults laundry/ironing etc.
  3. Treat them like a professional – being a nanny is a profession and they should be respected for their skills and experience even when you may disagree with their style. It is important that they feel valued by their employer. Give them constructive feedback without passing on any negative judgment.
  4. Poor communication – nannies are not mind readers, if you require them to follow ground rules and certain structure then you should clearly communicate it to them. Have regular discussions with them and be honest and open with them in your feedback and your expectations to avoid any issues later on.
  5. Lack of appreciation – everyone feels happy when they are appreciated for their hard work. And happy workers are unlikely to leave their job.
  6. Micromanaging – no one likes to be micromanaged and be constantly feel they are under the microscope. You need to be able to trust them and have confidence in them to care for your child (past the initial joining period), it is fine to give them instructions and guide them as and when required but you should not have to constantly tell them what to do throughout the day otherwise they are not the right nanny for your child.


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