Employment rights – will they stay the same after Brexit?

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Employment rights – will they stay the same after Brexit?







With so much uncertainty over Brexit many people are concerned how the employment rights would be impacted, would they stay the same or change after Brexit.

It is unlikely there will be any immediate changes to the UK employment law as most of it is already implemented by regulations or Acts of Parliament. Any changes will be decided by the Parliament in the longer-term.

Case law that has been derived from decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) prior to the exit date will continue to apply, and UK courts will still be bound by these precedents in the interpretation of relevant laws. However, UK courts will not be bound by ECJ decisions made after the exit date.

The terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU may also be relevant in determining whether employment laws and employment rights will change, as a negotiated trade deal could contain an agreement that the UK will continue to implement certain aspects of EU legislation.

Ref: acas.org.uk


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