Top 5 Homework Tips

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Top 5 Homework Tips

The last thing any parent wants to do is to plead with their child to complete their Homework. The whole process can be highly stressful and it puts a lot of pressure on both parents and kids. Unfortunately kids are getting more homework these days from an early age and there’s no getting away from it. Here are Top 5 Homework tips

Pick a suitable time – the best time the kid is likely to be focused (i.e. before/after dinner, straight after school). Every kid is different and there is no right or wrong time as long as it works for the kid.

Reduce distractions – It helps to have a dedicated quiet area where the kid can sit with minimum noise and distractions.

Sit with them for Support – Sitting with the kid to help and guide them as and when they need support gives them encouragement. This will help them remain focused and reduce the stress when they get stuck.

Reward system – Have a reward system that will encourage them.

Explain the consequences of not doing the homework – This involves a bit of reverse psychology, tell them it is their choice to do the homework but explain to them the consequences of choosing not to do it, such as they fall behind in class, their teacher will not be happy, they will not get good results etc.

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