London’s Private School Kids Live In A ‘Bubble’?

//London’s Private School Kids Live In A ‘Bubble’?

London’s Private School Kids Live In A ‘Bubble’?

London is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. The highly sought after areas of central London with limited supply of  properties make it unaffordable for a family with an average income to live there, making it a playing field for the uber-rich who flock to the city. This creates a social and economical ‘bubble’ for its’ residents and their kids who grow up in these most affluent areas and they attend some of the most exclusive and expensive private schools in the world.

The children in these private schools live in an environment where they are surrounded by families and their children with lavish lifestyles with private jets, designer clothes, multiple holiday homes both nationally and internationally with an army of private household staff catering to their every need.

Here’s a list of things that makes the rich kids live in a bubble …

  • Their yearly school fees is higher than the average median household income of £23,556 in the UK
  • The budget for their birthday party exceeds the average family spend on a holiday in UK
  • When you see four wheel drives clogging up your school run
  • There are more nannies at the school runs than the parents
  • They go on lavish holidays abroad
  • They frequently visit the theatres and museums
  • They learn to play a musical instrument
  • Your child is greeted by their headmaster/Headmistress at the school door
  • There is a body guard accompanying their friend on a playdate
  • The parents complain about their child’s class window not opening up to green garden

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