Foreign Nannies – top reasons to hire a foreign nanny

//Foreign Nannies – top reasons to hire a foreign nanny

Foreign Nannies – top reasons to hire a foreign nanny

Bilingual – Bilingual nannies can teach your child to speak a foreign language which has several mental and cognitive benefits.

Cultural awareness – your child will gain a more profound understanding of their own culture and other cultures when they deal with a nanny from another culture.

Creativity is increased – by learning to speak foreign language and dealing with a nanny of different culture improves their creativity.

Communication skills – your child learning a foreign language from their nanny will help the process of developing their communication skills.

Analytical skills – it is well documented that learning a foreign language improves analytical skills.

Listening and memory skills – by learning a foreign language your child’s listening and memory skills will be improved.

Additional service – foreign nannies are more willing to provide extra service over and above their nanny duties that local nannies won’t want to do.

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