Things to do with toddlers in London

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Things to do with toddlers in London

There are plenty of things to do in London to keep your toddler busy and stimulated. Here are some of the top things to do with your little one.

Parks – when it’s not raining parks are always the best way to get some fresh air and for the little one to run around.

Play grounds – a lot of the big parks such as Hyde Park, Regents Park or smaller square gardens in London have playground areas for kids.

Church and Local Council Centre Playgroups – the local Churches and Council Centres often offer weekly playgroups for babies/toddlers. Children from all faiths and religion are welcome to attend the church playgroups. This gives the mothers/nannies an opportunity to meet other parents/nannies in your area and you kid to play with other kids. Check with your local church and council centre to find out the details.

Library – most libraries offer a regular book reading by someone arranged by the library for kids. This is a great way to get your child interested in books from an early age. Additional activities may also be offered, check with your local library for details.

Museums – some museums such as Science museum has kids sections that are a lot of fun for them to learn about science in a fun way. Entry is free but I would advise visiting early in the day and during weekdays as it gets very busy later in the day.

Indoor soft area centres – during the wet and cold days you can take your kids to indoor soft areas, they are great fun for the kids and are safe enclosed areas. There are plenty of soft areas in London to take your kids, i.e. in your local sports and leisure centres, indoor soft area centres or indoor shopping centres.

Playdates – once you start making friends with other mothers or nannies you can start arranging playdates with them either in their homes or invite them to yours. Playdates are great fun for the kids and opportunity to get you to spend time with other adults.

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