Benefits of a Nanny

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Benefits of a Nanny

If you are unsure about hiring a nanny for your child, you will find the following benefits useful in making your decision.

  • Stress free mornings – Nanny will take the stress out of your morning routine for your child, i.e. changing clothes, breakfast, activities, etc so you can get on with your day.
  • Individual care and attention – Nanny can organise the day’s activities based on your child’s needs and development rather than follow a regimented schedule at childcare centre.
  • Healthy and warm environment – Your child is less likely to catch common cold/flu and bugs being at home environment instead of being in a childcare cantre with many other kids. Your child would be most comfortable in the familiar and warm environment of their own home with their own things.
  • Consistency and stability – Nanny can provide consistency and stability. “This allows children to establish sustainable bonds with a caring and sensitive parental surrogate,” says Brandi Stupica, a Ph.D. in childhood developmental psychology and an assistant professor of psychology at Alma College.

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