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Eaton Class Nannies & Housekeepers is an exclusive placement agency offering a discrete and intimate service, making hiring an effortless process. Our highly-skilled consultants will attend to your every need and help you through the hiring process and beyond with the ongoing support. We will ensure you enjoy unmatched access to a world of the best nannies and exclusive staff. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, while our team of consultants use their in-depth knowledge to select a carefully screened staff with meticulous checks, unique to you.

Our consultants have worked with clients from all over the world and truly understand the needs of the global and prominent families with residences in multiple locations. We are expertly familiar to the needs of the busy global families with unique specifications and can tailor to your needs. We ensure every placement is taken care of with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Whether you’re in need of a Nanny, Housekeeper, governess, maternity nanny or other Household Staff, our trusted and exclusive Nanny and Housekeeper Agency is here to find your perfect placement for you with all your requests.

We always put our families first and will only present the best household staff who have been thoroughly checked and screened. We value your time and understand your hectic lifestyles, so we only consider and present the staff which we believe are the best fit for your family.

Let us take you on a trusted and intimate journey to find your perfect placement!

Our Services

Private Household Staff. When a domestic worker is employed to provide personal care for the employer or their family, they are hired as private household staff. Such domestic workers include nannies, housekeepers, chauffeurs, chefs, butlers. As an employer you must adhere to the employment rights of the country of employment as well as visiting countries if you bring your non-resident household staff with you. We partner with specialist employment lawyers who can provide guidance on any questions you may have regarding employing household staff.

Eaton Class Nannies


We are a leading nanny agency based in London. Our Consultants are experts in Nanny and Childcare experience with over 15 years experience. We have helped find Nannies for high profile, VIP and private families. Our Nannies are fully Vetted and Trusted whether part-time or full-time Nannies and maternity nurses. We don’t charge Registration Fee. We give bespoke service to match the nanny, nanny housekeeper, governess or maternity nurse you need.


Full time nannies generally work between 40 to 60 hours per week 5 or 6 days per week. A full time Live out nanny’s salary can vary depending on the location, experience and no of children but typically in London it is around £400-500 per week. Can be more depending on special skills or education. A full time nanny may also help with light house work and are employed as nanny housekeepers.

A more trained nanny may also be a full time nanny governess, they are specifically hired to teach and train children of school ages rather than babies.

A live in nanny will live with the family in their home. They must be given their own bedroom and a bathroom. Their work hours are longer than of a live out nanny and work between 10-12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Live in nanny often help out with light house work and may also be hired as live in nanny housekeeper. They may also provide babysitting for two nights a week but will be paid for additional hours. Live in nannies do not pay for the accommodation and their salary can be £300 to £500 per week in London, rate may vary according to location, childcare experience.


Typically work between 10 to12 hours per day for less than 5 days per week. They don’t live with the family and are often live out after school nannies. Their hourly rate may vary depending on the no of children, location and experience.


A maternity nurse is often qualified pediatric nurse and is experienced in postnatal mother care, usually stay as a full time live-in with the family, they help in all aspects of taking care of mother and the newborn baby. Especially helpful during the first 3 months, during the period when common issues arise with newborn baby care.

A maternity nanny is less qualified and often have less experience in newborn and postnatal care. Often hired as a full time live in nanny. Although they may perform the same role as the maternity nurse and the two are terms are used interchangeably.


A temporary nanny may be a nanny hired during a short period of 3 months or less. They may be nannies for holidays, maternity nanny cover, when the full time nanny is unable to work for a short period due to sickness, holiday or maternity.



We provide an exclusive and confidential service to our clients with the highest standards to meet their staffing needs. Our clients include VIP families, celebrities, and top executives from around the world.


A housekeeper is a private household professional. They are generally responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the house. A housekeeper must maintain the employer’s home in a clean and presentable manner at all times. They may be hired as full time live out or live in housekeeper to work 40 to 60 hours per week, 5 or 6 days a week, click on this link to see the average salaries for Housekeepers in Private Households. Or they may be part time housekeeper working less than 40 hours a week. Their hourly rate may vary depending on the location, experience and the size of the house.


Housekeeper couple work in a team together to manage and maintain a private household. They are usually hired for large estates or properties and their tasks may vary from maintaining and keeping the house clean to gardening and cooking. The couple complement each other and are typically hired as live in housekeepers.


A personal assistant, personal secretary or a household assistant are used interchangeably, they are a professional who assists a specific person with their daily business or personal tasks.


Other private household staff include butlers, chauffeurs and chefs. Contact Eaton Class for more details for our services.

Eaton Class Housekeepers

ABOUT USEaton Class Staff

Eaton Class has been uniting families with top-class Nannies, Housekeepers and Domestic Staff since 2005. Eaton Class first established the Nanny Agency and then expanded to provide Housekeepers (2008). Today, Eaton Class provides its services in two different offices in Central London (Mayfair and Lancaster Gate) and our countryside office in Cambridgeshire. Eaton Class is a leading Nanny and Private Staff agency that takes care of the whole end-to-end hiring process from understanding the Client’s requirement by conducting initial face-to-face or virtual consultation, placing an ad to find a suitable candidate, shortlisting candidates, provide guidance with the interview process if required, vetting process and assist with the employee contract (if required). Eaton Class provides an exceptional and confidential service to its individual and commercial clients whether it’s local or overseas.

Understanding your needs and requirements is always our priority. We appreciate that you want clear, considered advice that’s jargon free and cost effective. We also know that you’re looking for a pro-active, professional approach which brings a speedy and satisfactory placement whether it’s a part-time or full-time, live-in or live-out nanny, maternity nurse, nanny housekeeper, housekeeper or a household staff in London or overseas.

Our experienced, highly skilled consultants can assist you whether you’re a business or a parent seeking advice, we’re dedicated to providing an outstanding service that’s tailored to your needs.

Contact Eaton Class for Nannies & Housekeepers to hire or to register with us for jobs.

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